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Cozy Home Performance, LLC is a full service Building Performance and Insulation Contractor. Our design and installation methods are based on an integrated building systems approach that follow primary principles of building science and building performance standards. We ensure the homes and buildings we service are durable – safe – healthy – comfortable; as well as, energy efficient. Our detailed work will achieve the building performance standards and value your investment demands. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Commercial Services

High Performance Insulation Assemblies:

  • Open and Close Cell Spray Foam
  • Loose blown and Dense pack Cellulose
  • Integrated Air Barrier Controls

Building Envelope Diagnostics:

  • Building Envelope Airtightness Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Air Barrier Verification

Fire Barrier Coatings

Institutional and Industrial Facilities

Institutional and Industrial Facilities

News and Updates

  • S_Hadley cape

New Home Priorities!

This newly purchased home that had a history of ice damming & high energy costs.  Upon inspection, the attic & front knee wall only had 2" of old insulation.  Heat from the living space was [...]

May 2016 Testimonial

05/05/2016 Springfield, MA $1,836.42 Project Incentive Awarded National Grid/Mass Save “Professional & very friendly.  I can already feel the difference inside!”  Mary N

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Residential Services

High Performance Insulation:

  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation (open and close)
  • Targeted Air Sealing

Building Performance Diagnostics:

  • Blower Door airtightness testing
  • Infrared scanning
  • Code verification testing

Energy Audits / Building Evaluations

Ice Dam and Comfort Solutions

Cozy Home Performance Building Diagnostics

mass save top contractor

Cozy Home Performance is a partner contractor with all utilities that participate in the Mass Save Program.  Residential projects may be eligible  for free energy audits, air sealing and insulation incentives. Commercial retrofit projects may also qualify for Mass Save’s Commercial Energy Efficiency Program and be eligible for insulation and air barrier incentives, plus mechanical upgrades.


Current Projects

  • Dense_Pack

Westhampton Cottage Makeover – June 2016

Local general Contractor, Wade Clement, hired Cozy Home to design and rebuild the building envelope of a 100-year-old cottage.

  • memorial-hall

Cozy Home awarded Memorial Hall energy retrofit project!

 Great News! As the result of a grant, the city of Northampton, MA awarded the 'Insulation and Air Sealing Work at Memorial Hall' to Cozy Home Performance, LLC of Easthampton, MA. The work-scope includes comprehensive remediation [...]

  • clark-hall-ft

Clark Hall Project, Smith College

Smith purchased the building in 1889 and operated it as a boarding house. Today it is used as an administration building for Student Affairs. This project is one of many that has been designed to support the "Strategic Climate Action Management Plan" (SCAMP), which has the goal of making Smith College carbon neutral by 2030.