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Cozy Home Performance, LLC, located in Easthampton, Mass., is a full service Building Envelope and Insulation Contractor. Our design and installation methods are based on an integrated building systems approach that follow primary principles of building science and building performance standards. We ensure the buildings we service are: air tight – comprehensively insulated – energy efficient; as well as, comfortable, safe and durable. Our detailed work will achieve the building envelope standards and the full value your investment demands. We guarantee our work and your complete satisfaction.

We provide full insulation and building envelope services for Commercial, Institutional, Residential and Multi-family buildings; new construction and retrofication. We have proudly been serving Western Mass and beyond since 2006.

Building Envelope and Insulation Services

High Performance Insulation Assemblies:

  • Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam
  • Loose blown and Dense pack Cellulose
  • Integrated Air Barrier Controls
  • Design and Testing

vent roof-close cell spray foam-insulation

Vented roof w R49 closed cell spray foam

Building Envelope Diagnostics:

  • Building Airtightness Testing – Blower Door
  • Infrared Thermography – IR Scan
  • Air Barrier Verification
  • Insulation Inspection

winter hot roof-infrared image

Infrared image of hot roof in winter

Additional Services:

  • Fire Barrier Coatings
  • Institutional and Industrial Facilities
  • Energy Audits / Building Evaluations
  • Ice Dam and Comfort Solutions

Severe ice damming due to poor roof insulation

Severe ice damming

Featured News and Updates


Cozy Home is excited to be the regions only certified installer of Monoglass spray applied sound proofing. Canadian company Monoglass Incorporated engineered and specifically designed Monoglass Spray-On as a thermal and acoustic insulation material for [...]

Roof Signatures! Snow melt patterns reveal so much!

It's that time of year now that winter has returned. On frosty and snowy mornings melt patterns will become readily visible. As you look at the patterns the mosaic of patterns will show which homes [...]

Support Your Local Land Trust!

Once again, Cozy Home Performance is proud to sponsor the Kestrel Land Trust 5K for Farmland & Farmers' Market Festival on October 16, 2016. The importance of conserving open space and farm is crucial. We don't take the natural beauty we see each day for granted and are happy to invest in its protection now and forever. Please donate and, or, participate in this great event.

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mass save top contractor

Cozy Home Performance is a partner contractor with all utilities that participate in the Mass Save Program.  Residential projects may be eligible  for free energy audits, air sealing and insulation incentives. Commercial retrofit projects may also qualify for Mass Save’s Commercial Energy Efficiency Program and be eligible for insulation and air barrier incentives, plus mechanical upgrades.

Current Projects

Super Airtight! Northampton Community Arts Trust – Fall, 2016

Of 3 blower doors, only 1.5 were needed to achieve target A wonderful new arts and theater venue is under construction in Northampton, Mass. - the Northampton Community Arts Trust  building. The building [...]

Westhampton Cottage Makeover – June 2016

Local general Contractor, Wade Clement, hired Cozy Home to design and rebuild the building envelope of a 100-year-old cottage. Compared to new construction, retrofits require a great deal of thought and detail. This building had post and beam framing along with interior stud wall framing.

Cozy Home awarded Memorial Hall energy retrofit project!

The work-scope included comprehensive remediation of thermal boundary in front and rear attic spaces and extensive targeted air sealing and enclosure of open chase-ways. The project is complex due to the historic framing details, as well as delicate due the fresco painted vaulted ceiling below the grand staircase.

Testimonials from Cozy Home Customers

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Cozy Home Performance is hands down the best energy diagnostic and insulation company in the Valley. Mark and his crew enter and exit your work stream seamlessly, on time and on budget. The key is the knowledge, experience and personal responsibility each employee brings to his work. Mark not only has design experience, he also has the creative spark that leads to innovative solutions to unique problems. With all forms of insulation under one roof, careful diagnostics and appropriate choice of material, one always get the most out of every insulation dollar from Cozy Home Performance!!

John Ferriter
, in construction in the Valley for 45 years

I’m happy that the incentive was more than anticipated (As a Home Performance Contractor with Mass Save Cozy Home secured $2,760 in project incentive funds.). I enjoyed working with you and your crew. Everyone was pleasant to deal with. They were professional and courteous and when I had questions, the answers were in a non-technical response so I could understand. Each day they left the area clean.

D.N., Easthampton, MA

Someone from the utility company was here today to inspect the work resulting from their incentive. They were very positive both about the quality of the recommendation, and the quality of the work. I am pleased too. I’m almost looking forward to next winter to see the difference.

Phil, Northampton, MA

The house definitely feels different – hard to explain the feeling, maybe more solid? Anyway, we have checked out all the work areas that we could and are really impressed. We can already feel the difference in some rooms – even with the warmer weather! Thanks to all the guys who were at the house. They were all very polite and pleasant and seem to have done an awesome job!

K.C., Goshen, MA