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Pines Edge Condominiums – Great Success and Warmth

Collaborating closely with the Hampshire Property Management Group (HPMG), Cozy Home recently completed phase I of  comprehensive building durability repairs and energy retrofit. The project initially commenced over two years ago in direct response to the severe ice damming episode that took place January, 2009 that wreaked havoc with commercial and residential buildings. As a result the condominium association had to take direct action to address this systemic issue that resulted in interior water damage in many structures.  HPMG immediately reached out to Cozy Home to assess the causes and develop solutions to prevent future sever ice damming.  And, after careful analysis, deliberations and integrated planning, the first round of six units have been successfully remediated. Just in time for the blizzard! The representative photos illustrate  some of the Pre-During-Post project issues and intricacies. The main issue? Failed air barrier and gross heat loss into knee-wall storage rooms and attic flat.


Infrared scanning clearly indication compromised thermal boundary and possible water damage.

Emergency water collection! Water damage continued into first floor walls. Notice how the fiberglass bats are not air tight. Must have continuous air barrier. Effective Rvalue <R15. Code = R38

Visual inspection shows 15′ fan duct in rafter with broken chute vents that were not air sealed. The entire thermal boundary had failed because of poor design and installation.

Severe mold on roof sheathing due to failed chute vent and no interior vapor barrier. If not remedied the roof deck will rot.

Solution: clean out bays and install new chute vents that are completely air sealed. Then gain extra Rvalue and durability by coating with closed cell spray foam.

Bays without vents were skim coated with foam with the fiberglass bat cut to width and fully lofted for full performance. The white board below is 2″ foil face foam board that was affixed across entire rafter assembly.

Finished product! A complete air barrier, vapor barrier, radiant barrier and high R thermal boundary, R43. Full ventilation flow thru chute vents, no heat loss, increased comfort and healthier storage space with no shards of fiberglass floating in air.

Unit Owner feed back:

“the work is amazing…tight as drum, and entire back of condo is warm!” (ER)

“Outstanding! This is the third time in five years a fix was attempted and Cozy Home did it right when no else could. Excellent outcome! Immediately warmer, less drafts downstairs and I can turn heat down too!” (KS)

“Met my expectations and house is noticeably warmer, especially in bedrooms.” (HH)

Thank you for reading. Please share any questions you may have regarding similar issues. Look for more condominium and multifamily projects to come soon! Stay Cozy!

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