The new IECC 2012 energy codes will be in full force beginning July 1. The new codes are rigorous and require careful construction practices in order to be code compliant. And, with some of the most stringent specs being the building envelope insulation and air barrier controls, the need to pay attention to the details and pass the thermal boundary inspections becomes critical. If a particular air barrier control is missed or improperly installed, then it will fail until it is corrected. Also part of the code is mandatory building diagnostic testing and verification. All said, get it right the first time and avoid delays and cost over runs!

Cozy Home guarantees passage of the 2012 IECC codes for new construction. We specialize design, installation and testing of high performance building enclosures. We are HERS raters so know well what is required to surpass code requirements. This guarantee will provide the builder great peace of mind during construction and satisfaction for the owner knowing the investment better performance will increase comfort and energy savings for the long term.

Download the Cozy Home 2012 IECC pamphlet