Beat the heat! Insulation Retrofits are not only for winter comfort BUT also Summer Comfort! Experience the same benefits associated winter warmth but opposite: cool sleeping, lowered AC costs and relief from the constant heat and humidity. And, to help, Cozy Home is offering a Summer Sizzler $100 rebate for referrals. Click here to learn more and fill out form.

Cozy Home is an expert in diagnosing the root causes and repairing building envelopes failures responsible for gross energy loss and uncomfortable home living spaces. Insulation retrofits and air sealing can save between 30% and 50% in energy costs year round! So stay cool now and save. Also, qualifying residential projects could be eligible for over $2,000 in Mass Save incentives. Cozy Home can consult with you further about your project and enter it into the Mass Save program.

And, before you replace the roof or paint the siding, be sure this work will not interfere with necessary insulation retrofits! Too often, we work with homeowners that just had a roof replaced due to ice damming BUT, the cause of ice damming was not re-mediated. Unfortunately, then the opportunity to have full access to small attics or closed ceiling slopes is lost. Call today for further information! Live with comfort and energy savings and peace of mind knowing your home is cozy.

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