Mass Save PartnerWe understand the interrelated and complex issues of energy waste, comfort challenges, health and safety factors, and chronic building durability faults. At Cozy Home we follow a House as a System protocols established by Building Performance Institute, The Department of Energy and Energy Star for both the assessment and remediation of the building. Rest assured, chronic ice damming can be solved, moisture levels reduced, cold rooms made warm and fuel costs reduced.


Mass Save Services

Cozy Home Performance, LLC is a Mass Save approved partner contractor.  We participate in the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program.

Program incentives currently being offered:

  • 75% to 100% off approved insulation improvements
  • 90% off toward recommended insulation improvements for each individual unit if all eligible units participate in a 2-4-unit building
  • Residential Renovations and Additions to single and multifamily homes are eligible!
  • No-cost energy audit
  • No-cost targeted air sealing
  • Barrier Mitigation Grants
  • 0% financing for eligible measures through the HEAT Loan Program
  • Third-party quality assurance provided by Mass Save

Option 1: If you would like basic Mass Save improvements and want Cozy Home Performance to be your Mass Save contractor:
Once you have a Mass Save audit and are provided with the Recommendations and, or, Contracts, you can either:

  • Identify us on your Contract as your ‘Selected IIC’, which will direct Mass Save to send us your project paperwork once processed.
  • Or, you can send us a copy of your paperwork prior to signing your contracts so we can preview the details of the job and answer any questions you may have about the project.
  • All decisions to accept or decline a job are made once paperwork is received and reviewed.

Energy Assessment / Building Evaluation:

A comprehensive energy assessment will identify the multiple root causes responsible for energy loss, durability issues and compromised living environment. This is a paid for service and costs vary upon the building type and clients needs. Process Includes:

  • Building History: What is the building history and experiences of occupants: cold drafts, floors, excessive window condensation, ice dams, fumes/odors, mold, high energy bills, noisy, rodent penetration, etc.
  • Building Inspection: From crawlspaces to kneewalls to attics to determine integrity of air barrier and insulation performance. Examples of the most common building issues include: Ice Damming • Drafty Rooms • Crawlspace/Basement concerns • ineffective attic insulation •  and other health/safety and durability compromises. We will diagnosis the problems and identify the underlining root causes. Often issues are systemic and multifaceted and will require comprehensive remediation.
  • Building Diagnostics: Supporting diagnostics/analysis including infrared scanning of exterior surfaces and envelope airtightness test using a blower door are performed to provide an in-depth assessment. Digital documentation is used extensively to record the building performance compromises.
  • Health and Safety: The safe operation of combustion equipment is tested, mechanical ventilation requirements are verified and building durability compromises are all inspected.
  • Reporting: A summary of findings, with photo documentation is provided that includes a preliminary prioritized remediation plan. Peace of mind will result as you gain an understanding of the root causes and how the issue(s) impact other house-as-a system interactions.
  • Proposal: Upon review of findings a full proposal is generated followed by a contract and scheduling of the job. Your satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Private work combined with Mass Save measures: 
    If you are looking for a more in-depth building envelope retrofit, we can seamlessly combine private work-scopes along with eligible Mass Save measures.
    This option is the best for clients that want deeper energy savings, maximum comfort and improve building durability, such as chronic ice dams.

    • We will visit your home to review the Mass Save Recommendations and evaluate potential private work.
    • A separate proposal will be provided that details private work-scopes.
    • The awarded Mass Save incentives are applied toward all Mass Save approved measures.
Infred air infiltration

Door threshold cold air.


Open wall framing and attic heat loss




Severe Ice Dam - new england

Severe Ice Dam = Severe Heat Loss

ifrared scan-exterior wall-missing insulation

Missing corner insulation and warm single pane windows



Testimonials from Cozy Home Customers

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Cozy Home Performance is hands down the best energy diagnostic and insulation company in the Valley. Mark and his crew enter and exit your work stream seamlessly, on time and on budget. The key is the knowledge, experience and personal responsibility each employee brings to his work. Mark not only has design experience, he also has the creative spark that leads to innovative solutions to unique problems. With all forms of insulation under one roof, careful diagnostics and appropriate choice of material, one always get the most out of every insulation dollar from Cozy Home Performance!!
John Ferriter, in construction in the Valley for 45 years
I’m happy that the incentive was more than anticipated (As a Home Performance Contractor with Mass Save Cozy Home secured $2,760 in project incentive funds.). I enjoyed working with you and your crew. Everyone was pleasant to deal with. They were professional and courteous and when I had questions, the answers were in a non-technical response so I could understand. Each day they left the area clean.
D.N., Easthampton, MA
Someone from the utility company was here today to inspect the work resulting from their incentive. They were very positive both about the quality of the recommendation, and the quality of the work. I am pleased too. I’m almost looking forward to next winter to see the difference.
Phil, Northampton, MA
The house definitely feels different – hard to explain the feeling, maybe more solid? Anyway, we have checked out all the work areas that we could and are really impressed. We can already feel the difference in some rooms – even with the warmer weather! Thanks to all the guys who were at the house. They were all very polite and pleasant and seem to have done an awesome job!
K.C., Goshen, MA