Infrared scanning measures surface temperatures only. But the surface temperatures that are measured on the surface of a particular material, such as a sheetrock wall in your home, are, to a great extent, dependent upon the subsurface conditions.

The subsurface conditions are based upon the theory that energy cannot be stopped from flowing from warmer to cooler areas, it can only be slowed down by the insulating effects of the material through which it is flowing. Therefore, various types of construction materials have different insulating abilities. By using an IR camera one sees the effectiveness of a thermal boundary by it’s ability to retain heat and maintain a warm surface temperature, showing as a light/warm color in an IR image. If an exterior wall had little to no insulation and therefore little to no thermal resistance, then the IR image would show a dark/cool color, suggesting that the cavity has been infiltrated with cold air and cooling down the surface temperature of the wall.

Ideally, in order for an IR camera to provide accurate surface temperature that can be used to determine the effectiveness of a thermal boundary, a temperature difference of at least 15 degrees between the interior and exterior conditions is needed. The greater the Delta-T,(temperature difference) the more the


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Cozy Home Performance is hands down the best energy diagnostic and insulation company in the Valley. Mark and his crew enter and exit your work stream seamlessly, on time and on budget. The key is the knowledge, experience and personal responsibility each employee brings to his work. Mark not only has design experience, he also has the creative spark that leads to innovative solutions to unique problems. With all forms of insulation under one roof, careful diagnostics and appropriate choice of material, one always get the most out of every insulation dollar from Cozy Home Performance!!
John Ferriter, in construction in the Valley for 45 years
I’m happy that the incentive was more than anticipated (As a Home Performance Contractor with Mass Save Cozy Home secured $2,760 in project incentive funds.). I enjoyed working with you and your crew. Everyone was pleasant to deal with. They were professional and courteous and when I had questions, the answers were in a non-technical response so I could understand. Each day they left the area clean.
D.N., Easthampton, MA
Someone from the utility company was here today to inspect the work resulting from their incentive. They were very positive both about the quality of the recommendation, and the quality of the work. I am pleased too. I’m almost looking forward to next winter to see the difference.
Phil, Northampton, MA
The house definitely feels different – hard to explain the feeling, maybe more solid? Anyway, we have checked out all the work areas that we could and are really impressed. We can already feel the difference in some rooms – even with the warmer weather! Thanks to all the guys who were at the house. They were all very polite and pleasant and seem to have done an awesome job!
K.C., Goshen, MA