Cozy Home Performance offers building envelope contracting services specializing in thermal boundary design and installation.

Our professionally certified field technicians meticulously install high performance insulation and air barrier controls to achieve maximum building performance, comfort and energy efficiency. We guarantee our work will surpass project performance targets and inspections. Whether your home or a commercial space, the built/lived environment must function to ensure occupant health, safety and comfort; while maximize long term energy savings. Building Performance begins with a well designed and constructed thermal boundary. Cozy Home is a trusted contractor with the knowledge and expertise required to get the job done correctly the first time. The details are crucial!

Services: New Construction, Retrofit, High Performance Buildings:

  • Building Insulation: Cellulose, Spray Foam, Fiberglass, Rock Wool
  • Building Envelope Air Barrier and Vapor Barrier Controls
  • Thermal Fire Barrier Coatings and Fire Stops
  • Sound Proofing
  • Building Diagnostics, Assessments and Performance Verification Testing

Insulation Installed:

  • loose-fill-cellulose-insulation

    Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation – Middletown, CT

    Cellulose Insulation:  R3.6”+
    Vapor permeable, renewable material, sound proofing
    Blown in loose fill for ceiling and attic flats.
    Dense pack for wall and roof cavities.

    Cellpac Supreme Cellulose

    Igloo cellulose insulation


  • close-cell-spray-foarm-insulation, Ashfield, MA

    Close cell spray foam, Ashfield, MA

    Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation: R-4″ to R-7″
    Air barrier, mold resistent, rodent proof, sound dampening
    Open cell for walls and cavity in-fill.  1/2lb, R4”, air barrier and vapor permeable.
    Close cell for entire building shell. 2lb, R7”, air barrier, water/vapor impermeable, structural durability

    We install various manufacturers of foam. All are low odor, green certified (LEED, GreenGuard) with no ozone depleting gases; plus renewable content. Some manufacturers are:

    Gaco OnePass-Closed Cell    Gaco Western     Demilec Spray Foam

  • Rigid Foam Board Sheathing: R6.5″
    Vapor and water impermeable, air barrier,
    structural, framing thermal breaks
    Polyisocyanurate foil faced foam board
    Thermax, fire rated for exposure

  • rock-wool

    Mineral/Rock Wool Batting: R3.5+
    Fire proof, water resistant, sound proofing

  • Thermal Barrier Fire Coatings:
    Intumescent coatings applied over exposed polyurethane spray foams
    No Burn Plus     TPR2

  • Air Barrier Controls:
    Strategic air sealing of building envelope including transition joints, seams, sheathing membranes, and targeted envelope penetrations. Expanding foam to seal out air, dust, gases, pests
    Todol Products


Testimonials from Cozy Home Customers

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Cozy Home Performance is hands down the best energy diagnostic and insulation company in the Valley. Mark and his crew enter and exit your work stream seamlessly, on time and on budget. The key is the knowledge, experience and personal responsibility each employee brings to his work. Mark not only has design experience, he also has the creative spark that leads to innovative solutions to unique problems. With all forms of insulation under one roof, careful diagnostics and appropriate choice of material, one always get the most out of every insulation dollar from Cozy Home Performance!!
John Ferriter, in construction in the Valley for 45 years
I’m happy that the incentive was more than anticipated (As a Home Performance Contractor with Mass Save Cozy Home secured $2,760 in project incentive funds.). I enjoyed working with you and your crew. Everyone was pleasant to deal with. They were professional and courteous and when I had questions, the answers were in a non-technical response so I could understand. Each day they left the area clean.
D.N., Easthampton, MA
Someone from the utility company was here today to inspect the work resulting from their incentive. They were very positive both about the quality of the recommendation, and the quality of the work. I am pleased too. I’m almost looking forward to next winter to see the difference.
Phil, Northampton, MA
The house definitely feels different – hard to explain the feeling, maybe more solid? Anyway, we have checked out all the work areas that we could and are really impressed. We can already feel the difference in some rooms – even with the warmer weather! Thanks to all the guys who were at the house. They were all very polite and pleasant and seem to have done an awesome job!
K.C., Goshen, MA