Become a Climate Protector Now!

Invest and Protect today.

Protect the Climate – Inside and  Out!

  • Our human built environments need immediate protection with advanced closed cell spray foam technology and retrofit insulation services by Cozy Home/Foam USA.
  • Invest in the most durable, climate resilient and energy conserving measures to help preserve the only climate that matters, planet Earth.
  • Become climate satisfied in your home and invest in a greener community standard that goes beyond basic weatherization.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Technology
Why it matters…

The highest R value performance of any product. Excellent for shallow cavities.

Creates a complete air barrier control. Stops air leakage and negative stack effect.

Provides tremendous protection against moisture migration. Vapor Impermeable.

Adds great structural strength. Reduces damage from wind lift.

A global warming potential of ZERO. Green Guard Certified.

Tremendous durability – Provides Climate Resiliency beyond basic Weatherization

These advanced thermal envelope benefits/controls are crucial for:

  • 1
    Reducing of negative impacts caused by dirty fossil fueled energy creation.
  • 2

    More efficient allocation of regional renewable energy production

  • 3
    More effective home electrification potential and comfort with Heat Pump technology
  • 4
    Providing climate resilient and durable homes by reducing the harmful and negative impacts of Builing Stack Effect
  • 5
    Reaching the state’s target of 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and ultimate goal of residential decarbonization

Building Stack Effect

Cooler air is denser than buoyant warm air, and this density difference creates a pressure that causes air to move, just like weather systems. As a result the air inside a home will stratify in layers due to density differences. Hot air rises to the top and cooler air falls to the bottom. And, like most homes, with leaks at the top/attic spaces warm air leaves through the higher openings and cold/heavy air enters through the lower openings. This pattern of air leakage through the thermal boundary of a building is called Stack Effect.

This uncontrolled air leakage/Stack Effect continually introduces moisture, mold, soil gases, allergens into the building environment, while wasting energy year round. In winter – rising warm air escapes out the top/attic and is replaced with cold air at the bottom. In summer – the opposite happens as dense cooler air sinks inside it pulls in hot/humid air through the attic ceiling and upper walls.

Mitigate the Stack Effect and become a Climate Champion in your home and for the planet!

Let’s Make a Plan!

We can help develop a plan to best suit your goals, budget and timeframes. Whether a new construction build or targeted upgrades in specific locations of an existing home, together we can effectively make aggressive and strategic improvements to your building’s thermal boundary performance. Make a plan for your homes’ climate protection. Invest now in advanced closed cell foam insulation technology and retrofit insulation services by Cozy Home Performance / Foam USA.

Cozy Home Performance, LLC, located in Easthampton, MA, adheres to an integrated building systems approach that follows primary principles of building science and building performance standards. Our professionalism and detailed approach will provide the home comfort, energy conservation and climate protection that is required for a healthy tomorrow. We guarantee our work and your complete satisfaction. Cozy Home has been proudly serving the Pioneer Valley and Western Mass since 2006.