Easthampton, MA
$3,260.00 Incentive Awarded
Work-scope: Repair of thermal boundary – attic flat, gambrel knee-walls, basement sill band, ventilation.“I’ve been extremely pleased and impressed with the professionalism of your crew and I don’t anticipate any problems upon their completion. I would not hesitate recommending you or your crew to anyone I know. Thanks.Mike J.

As a Home Performance Contractor with Mass Save Cozy Home secured $3,260.00 in project incentive funding.

Complete removal of attic insulation. Clean Slate.

Complete Air Barrier with closed cell spray foam, R6.5. R60 total with cellulose on top.


Cozy R60 Cellulose Insulation. High Performance…….

Energy Efficient whole house fan with R38 panels.

Gambrel Rafters dense pack cellulose with 2″ polyiso foam board. R35