Shelburne Falls, MA
Project Completion:

$2,700.00 Incentive Awarded

And a Year Later…. The Results!

“Hi Mark –

I’ve been meaning to write to say thanks for all the great work over here.  We would have considered it a worthwhile undertaking even if we had only seen subtle changes in our home environment, but in fact we saw a dramatic difference during our first winter.  We’re now able to heat our house with just a small wood stove and most of the time our oil furnace doesn’t ever come on.  Also, the guys who did the work were across the board nice to have around and very considerate about minimizing the impact of the home invasion.  

Thanks much and hope things are going real well over there.

*Kris D
As a Home Performance Contractor with Mass Save Cozy Home secured $2,700.00 in project incentive funding.