A rewarding collaboration is emerging between Transformation, Inc, a net-zero energy community builder, and Cozy Home Performance, LLC. A few months ago Transformations contacted CHP to discuss the opportunity to work with them on their net-zero energy home building projects in Easthampton and Northampton. CHP was sought out because of their tremendous building envelope installation practices and, specifically, for attention to the integrity of the air barrier. The projects, all part of the Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program, are Tier 3 high performance net-zero homes that qualify for $7,000+ incentive.

One of the most important determining factors in qualifying for Tier 3 is the homes envelope air-tightness. Per code it must be 2ACH50 but, for Tier 3 it should be less than 1ACH50 in order to pass. This is an aggressive target that can be the difference between achieving Tier 3 or Tier 2 that has reduced rebates at $1,250+.  So, with a difference of $5,750 there’s a lot to gain or loose! This is where CHP’s expertise comes into to play, where a guarantee has substance. Knowing a great challenge was at hand, Cozy Home offered a guarantee that each home would achieve less than 1ACH50! How’s that for peace of mind and investment for Transformations? To date all homes have passed third party HERS Energy Ratings by Matt Tourcotte of Power House Energy Consulting.

For more information about Transformations net-zero energy community building go to: Transformations, Inc

The insulation, thermal boundary assembly consists of R45 medium density/open cell spray foam for exterior walls, R60 in roof or attic flat using either open cell spray foam or loose blown cellulose, with skim coating of closed cell spray foam. All along the install period – prior, during and post – meticulous attention to detail is given to the integrity of the air barrier. Foam USA, LLC of Easthampton, Mass, an affiliate company, was the installer. The polyurethane spray foam installed is Demilec Sealection Agribalance and Bayer Scientific BaySeal.


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