After a long bidding process Cozy Home Performance and Foam USA were awarded the contract for the Fairway Village Condominiums roof and attic thermal boundary retrofit located in Leeds, MA.  Hampshire Property Management Group and Pioneer Contractors of Northampton, MA are the project and construction management team.  The project will be phased over three years and the first 2016 spring phase is complete.

In 2015, there was an initial trial run with 9 units.  Over the following winter, the results were very evident with the roofs showing no snow melt patterns or menacing ice dams.  The unit owners loved feeling the improved comfort!

The work is in conjunction with roof replacements which, is an essential reason for the successful results.  The board recognized that the only effective way to stop the chronic ice damming woes plaguing the buildings for decades was to interface the insulation retrofit in with the roof replacement.  Having full access to the ceiling rafter bays was crucial for success.  If not, then a full overall of the insulation boundary could not be achieve.  43 of 93 units have been completed.

The pictures say it all :

A mess of roof insulation. Ice Dams!

Failed fiberglass insulation,  less than R15, with no air barrier!

roofing insulation contractor

New 5″ of close cell spray foam, R35, air and vapor tight thermal boundary. No ice dams and savings.

No snow melt-good insulation

No roof snow melt, winter 2016. Proof positive!