Cozy Home is excited to be the regions only certified installer of Monoglass spray applied sound proofing. Canadian company Monoglass Incorporated engineered and specifically designed Monoglass Spray-On as a thermal and acoustic insulation material for a wide variety of applications throughout the construction industry. The fiber based material is safe, versatile, effective and competitive. It can be applied to any surface configuration to provide high Rvalue (R4″) and tremendous rated sound dampening performance. It requires no fasteners, adheres to all substrates and can be textured and colored. Multi-family residences, theaters, churches, auditoriums and garages are common structures that benefit from Monoglass. brochure.   Monoglass-Product-Brochure-2015

Cozy Home recently installed Monoglass at Smith College as part of the Neilson Library renovation project that is being executed by Keiter Builders of Northampton. In a building being renovated the ceiling joists were cramped with piping, wires and ducting which made it very difficult to install a bat fiber material for sound proofing. The architect (Archimetrics Design Studio) specifically specced Monoglass to achieve the proper sound attentuation ratio. The photos clearly show how the spray applied Monoglass is the perfect product.


Monoglass fills all voids, edge to edge.  No sound transfer through gaps.  Installer Jesse Taylor

monoglass-acoustic sound-insulation

Up to 5″ can be installed in a pass. Excellent sound protection.  Installer Shane Joubert