A condo owner was experiencing high electric bills. The condo was heated with an electric air-source heat pump and a propane gas stove. An inset garage with living space above and on two sides, was believed to be the cause.

The condo owner removed the sheetrock ceiling of the garage to expose a 14″ deep truss system that was insulated with poorly installed R19 fiberglass batts.

The fiberglass batts were removed and 7″ of closed cell spray foam (R49) was installed to the garage ceiling and 4″ of closed cell spray foam (R21) install to the sill band and the top of the two parameter walls to completely seal the garage space from the living space.

insulation reduces electric bill_crawlspace_insulation_sprayfoam_fiberglass_sillband insulation-air-seal_basement insulation_building envelope_energy savings_foundation_western ma_rim band insulation_pioneer valley_easthampton


lower your electric bill with spray foam insulation


The work was done February ’18,  the client not only removed the propane stove but his electrical usage dropped from 1,078 KWh in the month of March ’17, down to 637 KWh in the month of March ’18, and is much more comfortable in his condo!

Now other condo owners in the complex are also considering getting the same work done.