If you are a landlord/owner of a 2-4 unit building, you can qualify for 90% off all insulation improvements, by having all of your tenants participate and get a Mass Save audit. This is a win win, the tenants lower their energy costs and are more comfortable in the apartment and the owner improves their property, make it more durable to outside elements and improve it’s rentability. There is no better time to take advantage of amazing incentives offered through the Mass Save program.

This home in Northampton had no insulation in the walls, attic and knee walls. By having each of the tenants request a Mass Save audit, the owner was able to qualify for the multi-unit incentives and insulate the entire house, a $16,000 project, for less than $1000!

Testimonial: ” We are very pleased with the work done by Cozy Home Performance. The crew was friendly, efficient and skilled!