Holyoke, MA. has many old and venerable historic mill buildings and these gorgeous structures are going through a renaissance of retrofit! The mills were essential to the growth of the nation starting in the early 1800’s and now one of the buildings is home to a new and progressive hair and beauty salon called THE PLAN. Check them out! Per the website: “We are a sustainable, mission-driven beauty company. We are a force for positive change. We will contribute to a greener future and a brighter downtown Holyoke.” But…. also, the salon will contribute to sound transfer up into the livings spaces above and vice versa!!!

To help with understanding the various sound control options required The Plan consulted with Cozy Home Performance of Easthampton, MA. The options became limited because of the desire to keep the space open with full height walls and no ugly dropped ceiling. As a result of this parameter the sound control had be applied directly to the ceiling in order to mitigate the sound transfer up into the living spaces above.

Two options were considered: open cell spray foam and Monoglass spray applied acoustic treatment. Monoglass was selected because of the crisp white, textured finish and it offers excellent STC/NRC ratings. 4″+ of Monoglass was applied directly to the ceiling. One great advantage of a spray applied treatment is its ability to fill cracks, corners, full cavities edge to edge and be installed around pre-existing ducts, sprinkler heads and framing. The result speaks for itself both aesthetically and functionally. Both the Plan and tenants above enjoy the occasional muffled sounds of music. Tenants are happy which means the building owner is happy!

Thank you The Plan for investing in Holyoke and Cozy Home Performance.