Mass Save Multi-Family Program


7 Old South Street, in the heart of Northampton, was built in the early 1900’s. Over time this building has changed it’s function many times over. Today it is the home to 12 residential units, two restaurants and private businesses.

On March 1st, 2017, Cozy Home Performance met with an auditor from the Mass Save Multi-family Program and a project manager from the Hampshire Property Management Group to inspect the building and determine it’s  energy efficiency performance needs. We discovered that there was absolutely no insulation in the attic or walls of the third floor. In addition there were very large open chase ways responsible for massive heat loss. To imagine how much energy has been wasted in the attempts to heat the spaces over so many years is shocking. And, just think how may other historic building are suffering from the same energy efficiency inefficiencies. The great news is that Cozy Home Performance worked with Mass Save and Hampshire Property Management Group to help secure an $11,000 multi-family Mass Save incentive towards the project.

Work began on May 9th, 2017. The attic space was tight with less than three feet of head room at it’s highest point. It took 4 days to complete the work and used 216 bundles of cellulose insulation as well as closed cell spray foam and 12 cans of gun foam to air seal the attic flat and close off the large open chases. There was little to no disruption to the businesses or tenants of the building.


cozy home performance-weatherization-attic cellulose insulation-spray foam insulation-air sealing-northampton, ma

BEFORE: Living space open into the attic. No air sealing or insulation!

Pioneer Valley-Attic Insulation-Air Sealed-Northmapton, ma-Cozy Home Perfomrance

AFTER: Attic floor insulated with cellulose, R60. The exterior wall insulated with closed cell spray foam, R30. Airtight!











Cozy Home Performance can help property owners and managers save money and keep tenants comfortable. Call today and we will assist you with the Mass Save Multi-Family program. Imagine how much incentive your project could qualify for?

Testimonial: March, 2017

Cozy Home provided the support and know-how with securing the utility program incentive that made this a viable project.  The work was seamless and the results terrific. Equally important, the Cozy Home team were very professional and clean! No issues from the tenants or other commercial rentals. I will be calling upon them again for future commercial energy efficiency retrofits. 

Sabrina Bardell
Project Manager
Hampshire Property Management Group
Northampton, MA