After initial inspection by Sensible Solutions owner Lily Barak, P.E. it was determined that recently completed building energy efficient work at the Conway Town Hall (gym) was not installed properly and had to be remedied. The issue at hand was two fold: 1) building envelope performance compromises were of grave concern; i.e. moisture condensation issues and, 2) in order for the town of Conway, MA, to receive the grant funds awarded through the Green Communities Act program the failed thermal boundary had to be repaired. It was a time sensitive issue that required a building thermal envelope specialist and that contractor was Cozy Home Performance of Easthampton, MA. Cozy Home is a local and trusted contractor that specializes in thermal boundary details and building envelope performance.

The remediation was focused at the eave/wall/roof interface where an air barrier had to be established and a condensation/moisture control barrier installed against the underside of the roof deck. It was this specific area that was of greatest concern. The remediation work was executed efficiently and successfully by Cozy Home Performance’s skilled building envelope technicians. The photos below show various stages of ceiling decontruction and the repair installation. The repair consisted of 4″ of closed cell spray foam (R25) sprayed against the roof deck, followed by infill with fiberglass batting (R13). This mixed assembly created the proper condensation/moisture control layer and the required R-value performance factor.

springfield, Ma_insulation contractor

Solution! Closed cell foam + R13 batt. Continuous air barrier and moisture control.

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Inspection time! Must know all of the small details before install of closed cell foam. Removal of all failed insulation material is crucial.

Details! Foam must be warm as well as substrate so to establish full cure and complete air barrier. 4″ closed cell foam, R25, on roof deck.