Mold is a common problem found in homes and summer time air conditioning can lead to scary situations.

The below picture shows mold growth on the garage ceiling sheet rock where the ducting runs. The cause? The duct seams were not air sealed properly and poorly insulated. The cold ducting caused the humid summer air to saturate the sheet rock and create conditions for mold outbreak.  The remedy: Cozy Home Performance sealed and fully insulated the ducting with closed cell spray foam. Now more conditioned air, summer AC and winter heat, is delivered to the family living spaces above. Comfort-Health-Energy Savings .

The EPA has excellent information about duct sealing.

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Ducting sealed tight with closed cell spray foam. Western Mass weatherization

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A trail of mold from leaky ducts. Expensive and not healthy. Immediate repair by weatherization contractor Cozy Home Performance, Easthampton, MA